Cub Scout

The Guide to Safe Scouting

Youth Protection & Adult Leadership.

Cub Scout Leader Youth Protection Training

Topics covered include the BSA’s Youth Protection policies, kinds of abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to
disclosure of abuse, and proper reporting procedures.

Course Online DVD (coming soon) Training Guide

How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

A booklet, included in the printed handbooks, providing tips to help parents talk with their sons about child


It Happened to Me / A Mi Me Pasó

This video should be used annually by Cub Scout packs or dens when Cub Scouts are accompanied by a parent or
other adult family member. (English and Spanish facilitator’s guides, and a sample letter to parents and
guardians, are available.)

The following print materials may be obtained through your local council service center:
The Power Pack Pals
comic books, available in English and in Spanish, are for Cub Scout-age boys.

Power Pack Pals
Los Superamigos del Pack

First in a series of eight-page comic books for Cub Scout-aged kids, featuring T.C., Akela, and Baloo. Power
Pack Pals features the three pals talking to kids about bullying and smart ways to deal with it.

Power Pack Pals: Be Safe on the Internet
Power Pack Pals: Seguridad en la Internet

Second in the series of youth protection comic books featuring Akela, Baloo, and T.C. addressing dangers that
kids could encounter on the Internet and how to avoid them.

Power Pack Pals: Four Rules for Personal Safety
Power Pack Pals: 4 Reglas Para Seguridad Personal

The third installment in the youth protection comic book series featuring Akela, Baloo, and T.C. includes
scenarios that advise kids about the dangers of strangers and inappropriate behavior by adults toward children,
and what to do in scary situations.