Attendance Requirements

Who May Attend?

Scouts and Venturers are qualified to attend ONLY if:

Be a registered Boy Scout or Venturer (males & females)

Be 13 years old (by 7/13/13) but not yet 21 (No exceptions)

Be at least First Class in rank if a Boy Scout.

Have Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor approval.  
The Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor must confirm that the scout or venturer has the maturity to attend a week long NYLT Course. Scouts will only be accepted if they have the endorsement of their Scoutmaster who will attest to them having the physical and emotional maturity to benefit from the experience. Again, the signed nomination form and the Scoutmaster’s/Crew Advisor’s recommendation completed by the Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor is required for participation in NYLT.

Be serving in, or about to serve in, a significant troop or crew leadership role—Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Patrol Leader, Crew Officer.

Have good basic camping and outdoor skills

Be willing to behave in accordance with the Scout/Venturer Oath and Scout Law at NYLT

Be Prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to handle a week of NYLT

Be in attendance for the entire course.

Have taken part in at least 1 (ideally 2+) weeks of camping

Be a “credit” to their unit or crew—dedicated, conscientious, and responsible

Wants to attend and actively participate in the course

Parent or Guardians signature is required to insure they understand and will comply with guidelines concerning uniforms, behavior, removal, refund and attendance stated on the Scout Nomination Form and in the Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct. 


Who Should NOT Attend?

Scouts or Venturers with significant homesickness issues or discipline problems.


Scouts or Venturers who have never camped without a parent present.


Scouts or Venturers who create problems for themselves or others by not following program rules, or by violations of law or of the Scout/Venturer Oath or Scout Law.  Those who violate the behavior standards will be sent home at the discretion of the adult leadership. No refunds will be given in the event of an early dismissal from NYLT.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed?

Scouts/Venturers should bring the same clothing and equipment they would take to summer camp and a current BSA Annual Medical form.   Full Official BSA Scout Field Uniforms are required.  Please see the tab NYLT Forms for a Packing List. Each Scout will represent his home troop and will wear its insignia.

How Many Scouts May My Troop Send?

NYLT is a training program designed to improve the Troop and Crew program. Troops and Crews may nominate any number of scouts/venturers the Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor recommends who meet the above criteria. The course is limited to the first 48 fully paid participants.  First Come-First Serve.