Council Training


Training Is Not An Option, It Is A Requirement

The Chattahoochee Council Executive Board hasadopted a mandatory training policy for all direct contact leaders. This policy states that in order to be registered in the position of Den Leader, Cubmaster, AssistantScoutmaster, and Scoutmaster that you must be fully trained in that position.This processed is checked during re-charter to ensure that those leaders on the unit roster at the time of re-charter are up to date on their training. Leaders who are not trained in their position on the roster may notregister in that position until they have completed their training, once proof of training is given then they may register in that position.


The Chattahoochee Council has one of the highest percentages of direct contact leaders in the country. We are proud to ensure that the quality of our program starts with well trained adult leaders.

What Makes a Trained Leader?

All registered leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training. This must be completed every two years in order to be considered trained.
CubScout Leaders
Position Specific Training (By Position)


Boy Scout Leaders
Position Specific Training (By Position)**
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills***
Venturing & Sea Scout Leaders
For Venturing Crews: Venturing Leader Specific
For Sea Scout Ships: Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic
**Troop Committee Challenge is Position Specific Training for Boy Scout Troop Committee members.
***Not Required for Troop Committee members

Training Survey

The Chattahoochee Council Training Committee is continually conducting a survey to develop a pool of potential staff for the various trainings held in our council. The purpose of this survey is to identify Scouters who have skills and experience that would enhance the quality of the trainings offered to our volunteers. Quality training equals quality programs for the youth we serve. Surveys can be picked up at the George and Jo Jeter Scout Service Center or click Training Surveyto download.

District and Council Level Training

To ensure the highest quality training and bring together the full resources of the Chattahoochee Council the Council Training Committee oversees all training events. Some training may be presented in person rather than on-line in the more local district. However some events require a great amount of resources to put on properly and therefore are conducted on the council level.

District Trainings – These may include; Youth Protection Training, Position Specific Training, and Troop Committee Challenge.


Council Trainings Include – Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (Boy Scout Leaders), Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (Cub Scout Leaders), National Youth Leadership Training (Boy Scout Youth Leadership), and Wood Badge (All Leaders).

This site provides a variety of materials, from quick references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program. Located at first time users create a username and password, even if you are not registered as an adult leader yet you can come back and update your file with your membership ID number when you become registered.
For More information about Training contact Council Training Chairman Jolene Davis or Staff Advisor Philip Wright