Sea Base

When you think about Scouting and Venturing you think about the woods and camping. The Boy Scouts of America has always been about getting young people outdoors and into the wilderness. And when you think about the wilderness, you think about Oak and Elm trees, deer and bear, eagles and owls.

But there’s another wilderness that encompasses far more of the world’s space and that most people will never see. That’s the wilderness under the ocean. Only there can you see Fan Coral and Sea Grass, sting rays and manatees, sharks and jewfish. And that’s the wilderness that Scouts and Venturers will explore only at Sea Base.

No trails for hiking here. You’ll trade your hiking boots for dive fins, your glasses for a dive mask, and you’ll be breathing through a snorkel or regulator. And with all this you’ll become a guest in a wilderness most people will only ever read about. The undersea wilderness! And that’s high adventure!

You’ll learn hobbies that will last a lifetime. In addition to snorkeling or scuba diving, the Florida Keys is the sport fishing capital of the world. You’ll do all of this in one of America’s most pristine and beautiful places, the Florida Keys. It’s a unique ecosystem and home to North America’s only living coral reef!

This is an adventure that few in our area have had the opportunity to experience. So sign aboard, and experience a world most have only dreamt about.
If you are interested in helping organize a Chattahoochee Council Contingent trip to Sea Base contact the Chattahoochee Council Camping Director – Michael Gullion at 706-341-3342