Council Advancement

Council Advancement Chair Ted Whelaton
Muskogee District Advancement Chair
Saugahatchee District Advancement Chair
Yellow Jacket District Advancement Chair
George H. Lanier District Advancement Chair

The National Boy Scout Scouts of America sets all advancement policies. For information about advancement policies and procedures please refer to

The council advancement committee falls under the Vice President of Program. The committee’s members should represent a breadth of experience in all Scouting programs. Normally, district advancement chairs are included. The council professional staff advisor for advancement provides coaching and guidance—especially as it relates to national policies and procedures.The advancement chair and the staff advisor work together closely, and in harmony with the other efforts and functions involved in delivering and supporting the Scouting program.

The council advancement committee is responsible to ensuring that all advancement policies and procedures are being followed. This is accomplished through local district advancement chairs. In addition the committee is also responsible for the Annual Council Recognition Banquet where the annual class of Eagle Scouts is honored in addition to the presentation of the Silver Beaver award, the highest honor the council can bestow upon a volunteer.