The Yellow Jacket Freez-o-ree started as a community event over twenty years ago. It was originally sponsored by the LaGrange Jaycees at Camp Gallant on Lake West Point. After a couple of years the campout was dropped as a project by the group. A short time later, however, two Yellow Jacket Troops, 21 and 324, restarted the outing as a dare to see which troop was the bravest to camp at the coldest time of the year.

While the Free-z-o-ree is officially a Yellow Jacket District event, many troops have participated through out the years. Today, the event normally draws close to 500 people from all of the Council’s Districts and even some out-of-council troops have attended. The campout has always been a laid-back affair.
It’s not uncommon for it to rain and be very cold – a true Freez-o-ree – but we have often seen short sleeve weather from time to time too. This event has grown larger and larger every year. It is a great time for Scouts to come together for a good time; to learn and apply those skills required in their trail to Eagle.