Camp Cowpie

A Yellow Jacket District tradition is entering its 32nd summer of providing a great time for Cub Scouts in the yellow Jacket District.  Camp Cowpie is four months away!!  Mrs. Martha and her staff are gearing up for a spectacular week of fun and excitement.  Camp Cowpie is our annual Cub Scout Day Camp for all registered Cub Scouts going into 2nd thru 5th grades in Fall 2010. It is a week-long experience where Cub Scouts can shoot BB guns, bows and arrows, learn about nature, do leatherwork and crafts, play games, sing songs, and do many more activities.  Leaders and boys alike will have a great time.  Camp Cowpie will be held June 6 – 10 at the Evans Farm located on John Harris Road in LaGrange.  For more information, please contact Martha Evans at (706) 882-8726.
When Travis Johns started the first Cub Scout Day Camp in LaGrange in 1972 with Sue Forbes as the first Camp Director, it was held in a field where the participants had to be constantly vigilant to side step cow dung, commonly called cow-pies. On the first day after a few missteps he remarked that we should call it “Camp Cowpie”. Well that name stuck starting the very next camp day. It stuck so well that almost 33 years later; the Cub Scout Day Camp for LaGrange is still called Camp Cowpie [Note no hyphen: Cow-pies are dung, but Cowpie is the camp.
In the late 70s, Martha Evans, who has a very personal history with many years in Girl Scout camps, became tired of fighting different set-ups, unknowns, yellow jackets and other un-pleasantries, announced that she could do better in her own back-yard. And better she did. Since 1979 Martha Evans has been the Camp Director of Camp Cowpie held on the Evans Farm (a private residence), every year for the past 26 years.
Martha has added “Miss Udderly” as the camp mascot, a milking contest and other cow paraphernalia, loved by all the Cub Scout participants, past and present.  Dens strive during inspections just to be awarded “Miss Udderly” for a Day.
Also every patch and T-Shirt from the mid 1970s until 2002 prominently featured the Camp Cowpie Cow. In 2003 and 2004 the common Cub Scout day camp T-Shirt supplied to all day camps was modified at Cowpie to include the Camp Cow (Cows in Space, and Cows around the World). In fact the annual award presented to the outstanding Camp Cowpie volunteer at the Yellow Jacket District Awards Banquet is the Silver Cow, worn around the neck like the Silver Beaver.
Camp Cowpie and the “Miss Udderly” mascot are now a standing tradition in the area.  Dads, who attended Camp Cowpie as young Cub Scouts, are now sending their children to Camp Cowpie.  Camp Cowpie and the Cow are legendary emblems recognized by everyone associated with Scouting in the Yellow Jacket District.  The tradition continues.
Coming Soon! 2011 Camp Cowpie Registration Flyer