5-4-5 Plan

Before Open House
1. Identify a leader in your unit to serve as the Open House Point of Contact.

2. Attend your District School Night Orientation/Kickoff.

3. Update your unit pin on the BeAScout website.

4. Attend an Open House at your schools.

5. Develop your 2016-2017 Unit Program Calendar.

During Open House

1. Sign in sheet for all parents. Distribute a welcome packet, with information sheet to all parents to include your unit’s meeting date, time, location and map of the next meeting; fliers for fall Family Campout Events and popcorn Family Guides.

2. Welcome/What to Expect/What will happen tonight. Brief explanation and overview of Cub Scouts and of Cub Scout Terminology, Den Classification (Tiger, Wolfs, Bears, Webelos). Duration, no more than 5 minutes.

3. Preferred method: Pack has at least three activity stations. Smaller Pack Open House: Water Bottle Rocket Activity. Pack that needs or wants assistance: Water Bottle Rocket activity.

4. Check out station: Ensure all youth applications and registration fees are balanced and turned into the District Executive the night of your Open House.

After Open House

1. Meet with District Executive to turn in applications and fees.

2. Call all boys to remind them of the first meeting.

3. Host a Parent Orientation and Pack Activity Meeting within 10 days.

4. Ensure all Direct Contact Leaders are trained within 30 days of the School Night.

5. Confirm all boys are on your unit roster.