Camp Out On Ice



Columbus Civic Center Columbus, Ga.


SaturdayDecember 3-4, 2016

Arrive and Check in at 6:30pm

Join us for a great night of hockey as Scouts fill the Columbus Civic Center and cheer on the Columbus Cottonmouths. The event starts with an action packed game of hockey, after the game Scouts and families are then invited to spend the night in new Ice Rink next door to the civic center, ON THE ICE! This is a unique opportunity for you and your Scouts.

Cub Scouts must attend with their parent(s) or legal guardian. Registration for the event is done by each individual family, however every effort will be made to ensure that your Pack sits together. Tickets will be picked up the night of the game at the SCOUT TABLE. Make sure everyone indicates their Pack number on the registration form. If Cub Scouts are going to sleep overnight they must be with a parent or legal guardian the whole time, this is a family event so parents are responsible for their Scouts during the activity.

Boy Scouts may attend as a Troop with the proper two deep adult leadership. Registration is still done by each individual so make sure that everyone indicates their Troop number on the registration form to make sure your Troop sits together during the game.

The cost of the event is $10.00 per person for just the game.

The cost for the game and sleepover is $15.00 per person.

If a scout would like a patch this year that is an Optional cost this year of $2 per patch.

For any addtional questions please email

Tips and Tricks

Come dressed to impress! Make sure that boys are in full uniform and that direct contact leaders are in uniform. Let’s show off that Scouting is strong in Chattahoochee Council by wearing our uniform.

Sleeping on the ice – Everyone has their own system however the easiest thing to do is get large pieces of cardboard to lay out on the ice first. Make sure the pieces are large enough to cover your sleeping area plus a space for put your gear. In addition you may want an air mattress or sleeping pad, remember your sleeping on the ice it will be hard. Tents are not necessary however if you do bring one make sure that NO METAL TOUCHES THE ICE. The metal will heat the ice and melt a hole in the ice that is difficult to repair.

Be Prepared – The area on the ice can also get crowded so be prepared to be up late. A staff of volunteers will help ensure that others are being courteous.

What to do after the game – A movie will be shown in the lobby for those who want to stay up. Card games or board games are ideal as they do not disturb others who are trying to sleep. NO THROWING SPORTS are allowed as the area is too crowded.

No Food or Drinks are allowed on the ice- You may have food and drink in the lobby. When drinks spill on the ice you will not be able to clean it up as it will freeze quickly. As with all Scouting activities alcoholic beverages are prohibited so even during the game parents and leaders are not to consume alcoholic beverages. Smoking is not allowed in front of Scouts and only in designated areas of the civic center.

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