Council Camping

The Chattahoochee Council operates several camping events along with three council camping facilities that are available for use by Scouting groups, Camp Pine Mountain, Camp Gallant, and Camp FGL.  Below is a description of the various camping opportunities for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Cub Scout Camping
Camping takes you on exciting adventures into the natural world. You’ll learn to live with others in the out-of-doors. You’ll learn to be a good citizen of the outdoors.  Camping is fun, and it’s good for your mind, body, and spirit. It helps you learn to rely on yourself—on your own skills and knowledge. When you go camping as a Cub Scout, you get skills you will learn and use more, later, as a Boy Scout.  Cub Scout camping has day camps, resident camps, Webelos den overnight campouts, family camps, and pack overnighters.  For pack overnighters a leader in your unit must have Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation or BALOO for short training before going on a Pack Overnighter.  Webelos Den overnight campouts also required to have Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders. To learn more about Cub Scout Camping click here.
The Chattahoochee Council provides opportunities for Cub Scouts to go camping.  Attending these events do not require a leader from the Pack be BALOO trained, however we highly recommend it.
June – July     Cub Scout Day Camp
July                 Cub Scout Resident Camp
September    Duty to God and Country Retreat
October         Cub Family Campout
December     Campout on Ice

Boy Scout Camping
The Boy Scout program is designed for the outdoors.  There is no better classroom for life lessons then the outdoors.  Camping, hiking, cycling, kayaking, these are the things that Scouts want to do.

District Camporees – Conducted in the Spring and/or Fall camporees provide Boy Scout Troops to work with their Scouts on outdoor skills, compete against other Troops, and provide interaction and fun between Troops.  Scouts see that they are part of something larger than their own Scout Troop.  Attending Roundtable on a regular basis will help ensure you know when the next camporee is and what activities are planned.

June – July     Summer Camp
June – July     Council Philmont Contingent
September     Duty to God and Country
December     Camp Out on Ice

The Chattahoochee Council provides opportunities for Boy Scouts to go camping.
For camping information contact Council Camping Director Michael Gullion at