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One time only - Membership Fee Assistance Popcorn Sale

This sale will be limited to the inventory pre-ordered by the participating units.  Interested units should email either Melanie Williams or Scott Rehrauer with their order using the product order form.  This product order is totally separate from the previous order for door to door needs. If you have any questions, please contact me at or 706-580-1153

  • Units must place their order for this sale using the product order form no later than Wednesday, November 6th.
  • No take order forms should be used.  This should be Show and Sell or Show and Deliver only with the product in the unit’s possession.
  • Product will be available for unit pickup immediately (subject to availability).  All product will be distributed to units by November 22.
  • 50% cash commission to the Scout Unit, i.e. - a Scout would only have to sell $120 of popcorn to earn $60 that they can use for the National BSA membership registration fee. (this is an additional 20% in unit commission compared to the regular popcorn sale)
  • In order to provide the higher cash commission rate, no prizes will be available to Scouts
  • No product return is permitted for this special popcorn sale
  • Money for this sale is due by December 9th.  Units will be invoiced separately for this sale at 50% of retail price.












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