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Scott Rehrauer, Asst. Scout Executive


Unit Fundraising Opportunities

The Scout Law teaches Scouts to be thrifty and earn their own way. Scouts across the Chattahoochee Council are encouraged to participate in various ways to raise funds to pay for their Scouting experience. 



Popcorn for 2019 has a new look as we partner with CAMPMASTERS to bring new products to our council. Popcorn is a win-win for your Unit and the council with 70% of the popcorn sale supporting local Scouting, summer camp, volunteer leader training, and new programs.  

Selling popcorn goes beyond selling a product; it is enabling Scouts to gain confidence, communication, and salesmanship and it is promoting Scouting across the community. 

To learn more about this year's Popcorn Opportunity, click here.


Camp Cards

Stay tuned for more details. 



Unit Money-Earning Application

A Unit must submit a Unit Money-Earning Application to the council prior to any fundraiser.  The application is available for download or from the Council Service Center and should be submitted to the office or District Executive at least two weeks in advance of the fundraiser. 

Download: Unit Money-Earning Application






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