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What is COPE?

COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. A COPE course is a custom built challenge course or ropes course designed to meet the needs of the Boy Scouts of America. Project COPE is an exciting outdoor activity for youth and adults who seek greater challenges to their physical and mental abilities.


What is Climbing?

Climbing is not a sport that requires tremendous muscular strength. It demands mental toughness and the willingness to practice andmaster a set of skills. The adventure of climbing can also provide a new way to enjoy the outdoors.


Are you interested in providing a thrilling and beneficial program 
for your older Scouts or for your Adult Leaders?

Chattahoochee Council has two COPE/Climbing programs for you to consider

Team Building COPE: A fun way to develop young leaders using team concepts (Ages 13+)

COPE Facilitator Training: Learn how to keep the older Scouts interested and involved (Ages 16+)


Chattahoochee Council Camping Director – Michael Gullion


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