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The Chattahoochee  Council distributes information in serveral formats   .

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Chattahoochee Express - E-newsletter

Is a monthly e-newsletter.  You can sign up for his newsletter on our homepage.  This newsletter gives you a quick overview of the coming month with links to detailed information about events and actvities

Chattahoochee Council, Boy Scouts of America  

Facebook and Twitter

Make sure to join our Facebook page as we will post information about up coming events and activities and alerts about any changes.  We also have a Facebook page for Camp FGL, Exploring, and Order of the Arrow.  To find us on Twitter follow us at .  Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are connected so you may find you only need to Like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter. 

Unit Website, Facebook, and Social Media Guidelines

Does your unit have a Website, Facebook, or other Social Media page?  If so make learn what the policies are to keep your Scouts safe.  Click Here .

Unit Media Relations

We encourage units to interact with their local media outlets.  Local community papers provide a great format to keep Scouting in the news.  Cub Scout service projects, Courts of Honor, or a special actitivty that your unit has done that is news worthy are appropriate topics to relay to the local media.  Promoting Scouting and the program we deliver in a positive manner is always good.  Keep the story light and always make sure that if you are higlighting a Scout that you recieve permission to do so.

Here is a listing of media contacts.  Media Contacts.

Council Spokesperson

Only the Council President or the Scout Executive may speak on behalf of the Chattahoochee Council, Boy Scouts of America.  If you are asked a question in regard to Council or National policy please direct them to contact the Scout Executive. 

National Social Media

The National Office of the Boy Scouts of America also have social media such as RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube you can learn more about these by clicking here.