100th Anniversary

BSA Alumni Connection August 2008–December 2010
The BSA Alumni Connection is a call to reconnect alumni with Scouting friends, mentors, and local councils across the country; rekindle enthusiasm for Scouting and the values it represents; and encourage them to reengage with Scouting programs.

National Hall of Leadership February 2009–February 2010
The 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership is a one-time opportunity to recognize extraordinary individuals for the differences they make though their leadership. Nominees must be living Scouts, Scouters, or volunteers. Inductees will be given national recognition to commemorate their leadership and dedication to living out Scouting virtues in service to others.

Generations Connection April 2009–December 2010
The Generations Connection program inspires families to explore the value of Scouting in the family and identify it as something to be shared and passed through generations. Through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, BSA 100th Anniversary trees will be designated for families and communities to plant and nurture together for generations to come.

A Year of Celebration, A Century of Making a Difference September 2009–December 2010
Individuals including Scouts, volunteer leadership, and Scouting alumni can earn patches by demonstrating involvement in five of Scouting’s core values: leadership, achievement, community service, character, and the outdoors.

Adventure Base 100: A BSA 100th Anniversary Tour January–August 2010
The BSA 100th Anniversary tour will travel the country to rally people of all ages to join the BSA in “Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey.” Through interactive experiences, demonstrations, activities, and more, visitors will have an exciting and inspiring view of the history and future of the Boy Scouts of America.

A Pitch for Scouting Spring–Fall 2010
In partnership with professional baseball, “A Pitch for Scouting” will reach baseball enthusiasts across the country. From the first pitch to the seventh inning stretch and every point in between, Scouts will be on the field and involved in the game.

Get in the Game August 2009–December 2010
Our Scouts and leaders will participate in a national, Scout-led, 100th Anniversary geocaching recruitment program. The popular, outdoor treasure-hunting game will showcase how Scouts use Global Positioning System receivers and other orienteering techniques. Each “treasure,” or cache, will include information about Scouting. Specific programming can be customized locally.

A Shining Light Across America August 2010
During one evening of the national jamboree, a Webcast will connect millions of Scouts in communities across the country and around the world, bringing together the entire Scouting family for a single opportunity to celebrate. Select locations will be beamed back to the jamboree.

Local Council Celebration Programs 2009–2010
Every council in America has formed a 100th Anniversary Celebration Committee. Using the purpose-driven celebration concept as their vision, the impact gauge as their activity selection filter, and the partnership principles to guide program delivery, local celebration activities are being planned. Local and National Council engagements and marketing are integrated into one plan.

For more information about the Boy Scouts of America 100 Year Anniversay, please visit our 100th Anniversary website at www.scouting.org/100years



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