Dear Ordeal Member:

It has been at least 10 months since your induction into Ordeal Membership into the Chattahoochee Lodge Order of the Arrow. You may now seal your membership in the Order through the Brotherhood ceremony if you have continued faithfully to serve your fellow man and have completed the following requirements:

• Completed 10 months of unit service as an Ordeal member

• Maintained your registered membership in Scouting

• Maintained your registered membership in the Order of the Arrow

• Memorized the Obligation, Order of the Arrow official song, the Admonition, the sigh of the Ordeal membership, and the Arrow handclasp

• Gained a thorough understanding of the Ordeal through which you have passed.

It is important not only that you meet the above requirements but also that you feel you are prepared for the Brotherhood. Write a letter to the Lodge Secretary expressing your feelings.

In your letter:

• Explain what you think the Obligation means

• Describe how you have been fulfilling this Obligation in your troop and in your daily life, and how you have used your understanding of the Ordeal to aide in your service.

• Describe specific plans for giving future to the lodge program.

To find your next opportunity to take the next step, please check the Chattahoochee Lodge Calendar.

See you there!!

Matthew Beck
2009 Chattahoochee Lodge Chief

Useful Documents:
Brotherhood Study Guide
Event Permission Form
Camp Lumpkin Directions
Lodge Dues Form