Duty to God and Country Retreat

26th Annual Duty to God and Country Retreat
 for September 15-17, 2017 has been CANCELLED


Rusty and I would like to thank you for your interest in the Duty to God and Country event.  This has been a challenging month with so much going on in each of our lives.  Due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Irma and the low registration for the event, we feel it is necessary to cancel the event that was planned for Sept 15-17th.  Please be safe and pray for ALL affected by this terrible storm.  Do what you can to help others.  We are hopeful that another date can be set to present this wonderful program to scouts and scouters.

For all those that have already registered, thank you for doing so.  Michael Gullion, Camping Director, will be sending out refunds for all those who are currently registered.

For questions or comments, please contact Rusty or I at: 706-392-5513 or 5512

Helen Hurst
Duty to God and Country Chair